Pain Management Murfreesboro TN

Living with pain shouldn’t have to be an option. Unfortunately, this is many people’s reality. You don’t have to give up on finding a solution for your pain—just because other treatments haven’t worked in the past doesn’t mean a long-term solution is out-of-reach for you.

Doctors usually can’t offer the kind of long-term benefits to pain relief that our physicians can in Murfreesboro TN. At the Center for Spin & Joint, our physicians are Board Certified and extensively trained to find and treat the source of your pain.

We offer chronic pain management services with leading technology combined with our expert team of medical professionals to create pain management solutions that really work. We help you feel better by addressing the source of your pain and treating the root cause of the problem. By doing this, we can drastically improve your quality of life and help you to effectively manage your chronic pain.

We Properly Diagnose

Our advanced technology helps to properly diagnose where your pain is coming from. These include x-rays in addition to CT scans, electromyography, musculoskeletal ultrasound, and more. Understanding the origin of your pain can help us to better treat you. We have a wide range of effective techniques that don’t involve surgery to treat people suffering from chronic pain.

Not one therapy will work for every patient, which is why our integrative solutions are often a combination of therapies depending on what works best for you. These could include physical therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, and radiofrequency ablation. During your appointment, you can discuss what treatment options are available to you with your pain management team.

Effectively Treat Your Pain

Once we understand the source of your chronic pain, our treatment methods are specifically tailored to you to address the problem. Whether you have an old sports injury, a spinal disc issue, or nerve pain, we focus on treating the cause, not just your symptoms. Our goal is to both reduce and prevent pain in your future.

Unfortunately, finding one doctor to treat your pain can lead you on a long journey to visiting several different doctors. These physicians often aren’t pain specialists and even more often, aren’t sure how to treat your problem. Finding a comprehensive solution can feel like a never-ending road.

At the Center for Spine & Joint, we have a team of experts who are your one-stop solution for managing your pain in Murfreesboro. Our team here is made up of specialists from a variety of areas, which allows us to comprehensively treat your pain all in one clinic. This also allows us to successfully treat pain that has different sources throughout the body. As a result of this, our individual solutions can truly help you.

When you visit us, you’ll work closely with a leading pain management physician on our team in addition to Board Certified therapists and specialists. From physical therapy to pain medicine management to orthopedics, we have the professionals from the leading healthcare institutions in the country. These experienced professionals have been helping people just like you overcome their pain in Murfreesboro for more than a decade. We work together to suit your individual needs and manage your pain.

Let Us Help

No matter how long you’ve been dealing with your pain, our pain management physicians in Murfreesboro can help. We’re able to treat people with all types of pain and injures. Musculoskeletal diseases, spine disorders, nerve injuries, and pain syndromes are all conditions that we treat. From recent injuries to decades-old injuries that cause chronic pain, we’re here to provide you with a better way to manage it.

What’s causing your pain? If you’ve seen doctor after doctor and tried to treat your pain without success, it’s time to visit the leading experts in pain management at the Center for Spine & Joint. We want to help you discover the cause of your pain and effectively treat it.

We invite you to give us a call to schedule a consultation with us. Let’s talk about how to make you feel better today: (615) 656-4287.